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Guillermo Paz onto Awards
Academy Awards 2011: The King´s Speech wins Oscar for Best Film Motion Picture [...] Winner is The King´s Speech. The biggest winner of the night with four Academy Awards including Best Actor, Best Director and Best Original [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Talk Shows
Fran Was a little disappointed at the obvious editing of the interview. is there a site that shows the "full" interview w/out all the editing?
Barbara Woodin I am absolutely BESOTTED by Colin Firth! I watch every scrap of TV he is o, plugging "The King's Speech" or watching older films he's made. The man is a marvel - he is so wonderfully well spoken, chooses exactly the right words, speaks knowledgeably about acting, directing, making films, I just cannot get enough of him! I do not remember another actor who has so completely bedazzled me as this powerful, magnificent man/actor has done. I'm sure he will win the Oscar for Best Actor, and TKS SHOULD DEFINITELY TAKE HOME THE GOLD STATUE FOR BEST PIC! Can't wait to see his next film - but how can he possibly outdo himself? he is just remarkable, sexy, intelligent, amusing, witty, clever, everything you could want in a man! I'm just totally in love with the man!
Guillermo Paz onto Awards