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Faye I admire you for having the courage to want to make a life for you even as a teen. I work in the human services industry and know first hand that there are many failed systems in America designed to help kids. Laws and policy can be a real barrier to helping people. No matter what the real story is, rest knowing that you made the best decision for you and your mother. "No excuses" allowed. I hope this story is a model for all to follow. If we did, there would be a lot less troubled kids in America growing up to be troubled adults making excuses for their failures. Harvard is a place where you can make room to give back to others in your future. Best. Faye
CHUNTER Thank you Alex for sharing your story. I am sick too and my children just told me yesterday how I abused them. They said I use to put them out the house at 10 & 11 with no where to go. I promise you I do not remember. It is not denial we really do not recall. We are truly ill. No matter what she loves you. Please know she loves you & she is proud of you.You give me hope for my sons & although I can not remember the abuse you taught me to just acknowledge it & keeping trying to get better. Thank you!