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Guillermo Paz onto Drama
bruno They should definitely bring Paul back. That kind of loss is something that will destroy Adam, and if you want to be real, there's no way to make a 'dramedy' around that. Also, if Paul dies, Kathy's guilt,sorrow, and realistic assessment of her odds would put her in such a deep depression that I don't see how she can continue fighting. The body reacts to depression and this would not have a positive effect on her remission. Besides, Paul is key to the show. Oliver Platt has created as indelible a character in Paul as Laura Linney's Cathy. Having him 'come back' in after-death appearances is just not the same and won't have the same impact. Please, please have Paul recover from his heart attack.
Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers
ben Its marlene. search it up on wikipedia.
The Big C Spoiler: Is Sean going to be a father? Is Rebecca pregnant? [...] PM ET/PT on Showtime… And we need to do some spoiler speculation about it. I already told you Marlene was dying on The Big C, even though I gave Andrea more chances of killing herself than Marlene, she was the close second [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Drama, Spoilers