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Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
VERA CHEEKS I watch are we there yet reruns everyday before work, and can't get enough of it...As a matter of fact i'm watching a rerun now..Friday 1/18/2013 12am...The epidsode is being a vegan. The actors are funny to me and very realistic...Anyone who has a negative comment, are either racist or dosen't have a sense of humor...I LOVE THE SHOW ARE WE THERE YET...AND HOPE TO SEE 90 MORE SHOWS....
Carlos Funny how people take the time to post negative remarks but clearly they admit they've never seen an episode! Negetive publicity is still publicity. Sadly your comments may prompt more people to watch the show just to make their own determination about it. Although bad! Honest racisy opinions are even more flattering because no one knew anything about the depiction of the charactors until you mentioned it. Thanks