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Guillermo Paz onto Action, Comics
Casonia Logenberry of Seattle washington and it seems like no one will let a show stay on long enough for people to either like it or dislike it and what is the hurry! Never really got a chance to like it or love it and the shows keep moving on and off and on and...Could you please make up your mind in what direction are you going and from what I saw it was going to be a good show showing us all something we have never seen before but we never got a piece of the pie and never had an understanding of what the show was to do for all of us but it looked really good and it was never on for long. I feel like we have been teased and toyed with to some degree. You better off making this movies for people to see and then put it on tv but at the movies make it more nasty and dirty and add some spice to it.
Casonia sade Logenberry saying Hello from Seattle washington I knew about this show but never got around to seeing it but when I did have the time the show was gone?
Guillermo Paz onto Comics, Dexter
Guillermo Paz onto Comics, Sitcoms, Videos
Top ten reasons to watch HBO´s Bored to Death [...] just give the show an extra talent punch to make it work. And also, folks at HBO launched the Super Ray comic book by Jonathan Ames and Dean [...]