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Guillermo Paz onto House MD
Bryon I actually caught this episode. I don’t' get to see all of them. I missed the first half so this synopsis was very helpful. I was so certain Nadia would not take the drugs. I have had mental addictions to "not forgiving" and it was difficult to kick even with medication, but I was reluctant to take it. I think this is the best dramatic series on TV other than Smallville, my ultimate favorite. I can watch all the episodes now that I'm having my employee HD DISH Network service installed tomorrow morning. I can watch in full HD now without pesky antenna interruptions (signal in Denver is bad) and record so I can watch during the day since I work evenings. HD is free for life too for anyone that qualifies now.
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
casonia logenberry Well it is about time House gets his groove on My Husband really love the show, because is really helping to cure people and he is doing it while taking pain pills and he is so smart and funny and has a great since of self and his bluntness is so worth while, mainly because he is getting to the core of the seed and he cures and makes people healthy and give them a new lease on life, so yes he is making love, it is about time, better late then never.
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
House MD Spoiler: Cameron is back on House MD [...] Some time ago we learned that Cameron left House MD, and even that she was leaving [...]
Mega It does not surprise me to see her leave. Seen other actors/resses get on a major movie (Star Trek) and consider themselves Gods before, even with a small part. It doesn't always work out for the best however (think of a Spiderman movie).