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Guillermo Paz onto Documentary
Guillermo Paz onto Documentary
anon I was ready to poopoo on this show but after seeing that it actually helps people with their cats, I can't see any harm in it. I hate how things are sensationalized and made dramatic on the show, though. Kim, I have never once known someone who treated their cat like a dog. Generally, the people I know that have cats just have them because they are independent and don't need much care. Cat owners generally have the same personality as cats, so why would they treat them like a dog which requires much more social interaction and watching after? I don't know where you're getting that idea. I'm very much a dog person and I'd never treat a cat like a dog. In fact, in a lot of places if a dog starts biting, that's it for the dog and it is off to be put to sleep, meanwhile a cat, that can do just as much damage as a dog, (not to mention cause horrible infections because of their filthy teeth and claws) people make exceptions and excuses so their cat isn't harmed. I think that is pretty stupid. However, I did know one idiot who tried to turn their cat into a vegetarian because they themselves were vegetarians and fed her cat milk everyday. (this was a full-grown cat) What a moron. That cat is probably ridiculously malnourished and unhealthy.
Patricia McGuire I really enjoy this show. It's remarkable how a little change can cause such big improvement in behavior. I would like to know where to get the cat lounges. I know my furry children would enjoy them.I just got new furniture and the lounges look like they would provide a very inviting alternative for claw sharpening. Thank you!