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Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
asia boyd hi my name is asia boyd i cant sing very well but i love to act i been wanting to act for u guys for a long time i just had a auntie past in my family and we have been struggeling since her past and i figure the was a good chance for me to try out if ugive me a chance i will work really hard my num is 243-9290 plz give me a call i really need this
bella i love to dance its all i do and i think that it will be a great oppurtunity to be given a chance to be an extraon mycamp rock 2 as a dancer working with a great choreographer thats so passionate about dancing
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
sammaria hey, my name is sammaria i am 13 years old ill be 14 september 10th and i am not that shy but i absolutely love to entertain people and make people laugh and joke around and just have fun i would really like to audition for camp rock 2, and i would be such an honor to be even just a random person in the backround that does not do much but talk or anything i would really appreciate it if you picked me thank you!.
milena hi my name is milena. I have not been in the acting buisness that long but i think i am quite good, if you contact me i will send you a video of my acting skills. thank u