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Guillermo Paz onto Actresses
Emily She is so cute!!!! I think she is perfect for the role!!!! She just has to get it!!!!!
Kathya I think she will make a great Renesmee. Hope she gets the part! Team Twilight!
Guillermo Paz onto Romance
Twilight Saga Obssessed Omg! Thnk god it is going to be released in lebanon..! In another site it said that it isnt gonna released in lebanon, i was gonna kill myself! I am really obssessed!! Twilight Saga Rox!! <3
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Samntha I also would like to add on from the last comment i sent so here goes :) i would love to be an actress i think it really has meaning to be on t.v and express yourself and to have a character means to have a different personalty to any movie/show your on and i think that's really interesting to me how you change to this blood sucking vampire (Twilight) and you can't feed on human's and when your out of character i think to change from one person to another i think its amazing and i really think i would be great for the job im full of energy and the people who inspire me the most would have to be Jackson rathbone because he is and actor and a singer and that must mean so much work put into what you love to do and peter facinelli <-- i think that how you spell his name if not i really do apologize but he really is a good actor aswell he is good at what he does witch is acting and i would just absolutely love to try it and see where it gets me :) Oh and they are both cute too. ;) hehehe xxoo they would be a distraction I hope there isnt any shirtless scene's with them in it Haha! *_* Thank you....again! for reading this and i hope you get the chance to see how good i am :) :P :D Vote me because im awsome :)) Please... ! :)
Samntha Hello there My Name is Samantha Taylor i Live in Western Australia, Perth I have Blue eyes and Chocolate brown hair i have always watched twilight from the moment it came out i havn't read the books i do opalagize i would like to be in Twilight so bad i have no experience in acting unless im lying ;) Dont worry though i dont really do that as much i just muck around now and then i focus on having a career on acting and maybe signing but i need abit more vocal training i think i would be perfect for the job who know's i could be the one :P Oh and im 14 Years old too nearly forgot that good thing i didnt. Anyway I Just want to say Hello to Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli love them both And especially Elizabeth Reaser and Defiantly and Ashley Greene Love them All! Im a Big fan . Thank for taking your time to read this xxoo :)