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Sharon This sucks another good show cancelled. I really enjoyed watching the Unit cause it gave us civilians a look into the life of an enlisted person's life. I am very dissappointed once again with tv programing.
military wife The Unit was a good show. Maybe it might not have been realistic, but even the reality shows are not realistic most of the time. The Unit was about more than just the soldiers, it was also about the wives/family, and some of the things we military wives deal with. Yes, some of those things were exaggerated, but more than that it revealed how we have to learn to handle things on our own a lot of the time. I am disappointed this show was cancelled, especially in a time when we have our men and women fighting. Showing the Unit being victorious was inspiring and uplifting....it would be patriotic and an expression of support for our troops (not support for the war) to bring the Unit back and continue to show our military force is a force to be reckoned with. Until then I guess I will just watch Army Wives and NBC station.