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Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Simon Pembroke 6.2" Brit actor,i have been in 1 war film and a few stage show's. I can box and have adequate martial arts experience. However pei mai wouldn't think so. I am looking for a minor/any part in a major film project.I suppose im quiet like Vinnie jones in looks. Probably prettier though. thank you :)
Catherine Muscaro Name: Catherine Age: 15 DOB: September 29 Hair: Medium brown Eyes: Green Height: 5’5? Weight: 145 lbs Grade: 9th Build: Athletic/Curvy The bottom line to my submission is that acting is my passion and it’s what I love to do. I’m incredibly motivated and determined. I’ve been to two auditions, one of which I was given a callback to go to a week long event in Florida to meet with talent scouts and producers. Only 1500 kids and teens are selected from across the country. My interviewer told me it was because I was impressive and extremely driven. I’ve performed in 8 musicals, all involving solos and dance routines and have received the lead a multitude of times. I’m active in band and sports, such as volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. I’ve participated in the National American Miss Pageant for Miss Ohio and twirled baton six years. I am also the freshman class president at my school and have been to the Heidelberg science fair with a score of excellent on my project. I’ve self-composed my own resume and am professional. I believed I could be very successful in the acting industry and hope you will agree. I’m energetic, fun-loving, outgoing, determined, a quick learner, an active listener, and hard-working. Thank you(: