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Guillermo Paz onto Sci Fi
Tenderloin Honestly don't watch tv much, I'm almost done watching this on Netflix and It sucks that no more seasons will be continuing. I guess it's good in part I won't be glued to my iPad watching it. on the other hand, I feel in love with the characters. Cara is my favorite me being a girl and strait can't help but be fascinated by here beauty here rugged additude and this softness you find in her that you can't get enough off. Anyway during the day I find myself talking to my boyfriend play pretending we're the characters in our quest. I call him lord Seth lol I jump back and forth, sometimes I'm the wizard blasting water to his face during our swim class sometimes I'm the confessor and I grab his neck and tell him to tell me " command me confessor" lol I've gotta kick outa it. I loved seeing new characters by the way... pray to the creator that we will find the seeker again!
old leather Legend of the Seeker did for sexy female butts in tight leather pants what Playboy did for lonely men. Those HOT women could command me any time and I would lick the dust off their boots.They could tie me up and torture me by setting on my face and I would shout HALLELUJAH...or however it's spelled.