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Guillermo Paz onto Stand Up
Casonia sade logenberry of seattle washington wishing every one a good day and good health and Happy Thankgiven as well..Stay strong and watch weather well. Who knows under the truth could be some lies but on the other hands you have to be creative and make things up to some degree but on the other hand there are some lies that become the truth later?
Casonia sade logenberry People lie for a reason and that is to get away from the other person and just say yes to the issues that are being directed toward them but some times people make mistakes and give the wrong information to that person but to lie straight up is some one that wants to put your mind at ease but on the other hand..Don't want to feel rushed or pushed or bum rushed to certain issues but mistakes are made or did they straight up lie to you.
Guillermo Paz onto Stand Up
Casonia sade Logenberry..Honk your Car to slow this crazy pushy aggressive drivers down..Fast and Driving close to your car makes me feel Bummed Rushed...Alway be thoughful on the road.! You have been to hell and back and your life has taken twist and turns and went in many directions but yet you are in great health and your still funny and have a great personality and your brave and kind but most of all a real man and you stand on your own two feet.... Good for you to talk about what you have gone throw and the world is ready to listen to what your secrets are!
Casonia Sade Logenberry of Seattle washington..Asking people to slow down on the road and think about the children on other cars and think about the Bike Riders as well..Take care and drive safe.! I Think this show is going to be a winner and Tom Arnold always has something funny to say and hope everything is okay with the man and he looks happy and cheerful and on top of the world and all is right with him and good luck to your know show and hope you can make it stick and stick it to them well and show that incredible personality and good sense on humor and...I alway though you where funny and you alway made me laugh and your full of laughter and your a Dam good actor and that is some thing you should do more of...Because you have what it takes to show something deep in your heart and soul and when you act you take something pure and mold it to something great and wish you well and have a great day and take good care of yourself and keep up the good work and keep being strong and a good fighter.