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Janice Nolting I am a seventy-year old pianist and jazz organist who has played and performed for years in my hometown, doing mostly music therapy for the elderly in senior centers and nursing homes,small lounges and a few wild parties. I am very talented as I play boogie, plus favorite love ballads. From readying your requirements for the auditions, however I take it I am over the hill,(of which I fail to understand as I haven't had a sick day in my life and line dance three times a week, also, bicycle five miles a day. Another draw-back is that I would have to bring my own instrument in, as jazz organs are all different and it would be too much bother to have to learn how to play another one all over at this time. I love your show and think it really brings a lot of dreams to the talented performers, dreams of which they wouldn't have without the opportunity of performing on your show. However, I think you are highly discriminatory in selecting your talent for auditions and the fact they can't bring in their own instruments really prevents those with instrumental talent from even getting a chance for an audition. The world does not begin and end with singers, some of the most notable talent in the world are instrumentalists, and old ladies like me. Being old is not the end of ones musical world, in some cases, it can be just the beginning. Thank you kindly for your time. Janice Nolting (Also known as,"The Church Lady")
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