weird unusual college classes and courses communityFolks at just launched an article about Real Unusual College Classes, such as The Psychology of Facebook, Intro to Reality TV and Dance Lessons in a laundromat. But that´s the weird thing in Real Unusual College Classes, they´re real!

What´s interesting is that in most TV Shows, classes are not so unusual, rather than the main classes, and what´s unusual is what happens there (or usual, but tabu, or wrong, or dangerous).

Sometimes reality trumps fiction, and that´s what happening on these Weird Unusual College Classes, where you get to see what makes good reality TV or even dance in your pj´s on a laundromat…

But let´s see how fictional highschool or college classes are not so unusual

The Community, a TV Show about Community college instead of an unusual college class, they are all about a study group for spanish.

Glee, the hit sensation musical revolves around Cheerleading classes, and the school choir or Glee Club, not an unusual highschool or college class there.

On Unnatural History, Cartoon Network´s original, the show follows the whereabouts of three highschool students who are on the Highschool Museum, but there´s not an unusual highschool or college class there.

On Pretty Little Liars, albeit we get to see something tabu like a romance between teacher and student, the teacher teaches Literature, so, no unusual highschool or college class there.

And the more I try to come up with an unusual college class on TV Shows, the less I can find an example.

Do you have any examples of Unusual College Classes on TV?

Let me know in the comments.