If you want to send you press release to Series And TV you are welcome to do it, wether it´s a Casting Call, a new TV show, a Web Series, Releases, Apps or Contests about TV Shows and Movies.

Here are some guidelines to send your press release to Series And TV:

  • I may or may not publish the material due to editorial reasons.
  • Send your stuff with text and not only a jpeg flyer.
  • Be kind and gentle. My Name is Guillermo, it won´t hurt to call me by my name and ask nicely.
  • Be sure to send full information and not just pieces of them. I will contact for further information if it´s interesting, but it will be faster and more effective if I have everything at hand to post about your news.
  • Send your stuff with enough time. I can´t post something that will happen today. Plan ahead.
  • Avoid sending me stuff unrelated to TV Shows (unless it´s books). It´s a fast way to go to the e-mail spam folder. (You can however send me diverse stuff such as events, non profit, etc, as long as you have an idea of how to work it in terms of TV Shows related. For instance: We are making a piece on 10 psychiatric cases in TV Shows for a Psychiatry book launching, and stuff like that)
  • I won´t publish untasteful information or spam.
  • I can publish stuff both in English and Spanish. Multi cultural TV Networks are welcome.
  • If you are going to send more than once, it will be nice to get a presentation e.mail first so we can work better together, in terms of getting the best content out.
  • I´m always trying to be helpful to networks and TV Shows, let´s work together on good material.
  • I´ll send a link when published if it does not skip my mind. I can forget, I´m only human.
  • Gifts, exclusive content, previews, giveaways, Interviews are very welcome and appreciated.
  • I´m much more interested in developing working relations with the brands and networks rather than just getting impersonal press releases.
  • If you are a comercial brand sponsoring a TV Show, we can work something out to put your message out, you are TV related.
  • I am trying to make my DVD collection bigger as well as my Memorabilia and merchandise collection. You are welcome to send me those. We´ll be BFF´s probably!

Send your press releases or presentation e-mails to guillermo @ seriesandtv.com.

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