A while ago I started reviewing books and I am usually posting somewhere between one to five book reviews each month, but I am planning to grow on that number as I start working together with different authors and editors. In case you want me to review your book you can contact me at guillermo @ seriesandtv.com

The kind of books I review are of a wide range.

If it is about or can be related to television, it will probably get more words, and probably a faster review.

If it is not, but I liked the book, it will also get a good one. I tend not to be overly critic, because I am not a critic, I am an avid reader, but a casual one.

I have reviews for books in english for the english speaking demographics in this site, and partnered with Dayana, for reviews targeting spanish speaking demographics.

You can see some examples of the reviews I´ve made in the links that follow:

Review of The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head

Review of Jane Fonda´s Biography

Review of Shadow in Serenity

Review of Chicken Soup for The Soul Country Music

I also enjoy reading advanced copies, and push myself so I can schedule the review on launching week.

I will ask questions and ask for interviews if the authors may become available. Those can be by phone, skype, e-mail, twitter or personally. I don´t mind, I´m just like that, I love to ask questions.

There… Now ball´s on your court.