Chicken-Soup-Country-Music-Book-reviewFolks at Chicken Soup for the Soul sent me another one of their great books for me to enjoy and share my thoughts with you.

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In this case, the book they sent me is called: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music.

What is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music about?

The Inspirational Stories behind 101 of your favourite Country Songs

This book contains the behind the scenes story about 101 Country Songs, some of the songs you listen to only one chord and you recognize it, some of them you don´t, and it´s a great way to discover new music to fall for.

One interesting thing about this particular Chicken Soup book is that it is organized by alphabet, it has a picture of the author, the song title, who tells the story, who wrote the lyrics, who wrote the melody and who recorded the song. Then the story behind it, and then the lyrics. Very well rounded.

It is a very interesting book to read about the creative process of the song authors and that makes each story unique. Reading that perhaps an otherwise regular quote developed into a good song is wonderful to learn, or maybe a movie, a book, a sign, can become music and a story that can move thousands of people that listen to it.

But since this is mainly a site about television, I´d like to link this book on two of its stories, from the same artist.

One of the songs is from Brad Paisley and it´s called Online:

The song´s hilarious, but see who is featured in it:
Star Trek icon William Shatner, George Costanza´s Jason Alexander and his fictional mom.

See the video of this song:

And the other one also features Jason Alexander and is called Celebrity

How to purchase Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music?

You can probably find it at any book store, but you can also buy it online at Amazon where you can even take a little sneak peek of the book.

What do you think? Will you read Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music?

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