grieving_and_recovery_chicken_soup_soulI was very kindly invited to join the Chicken Soup for the Soul Bloggers Network. What is that? one might ask.

It´s something I very much appreciate, since I am an eager reader. Well, folks at Chicken Soup for the Soul send me every new book released so I can enjoy it and even have a little Giveaway with you, my readers, and review the book.

I know this is mainly a blog about TV Shows, but we started talking about a lot of different entertainment areas, we started talking about basketball, about theatre, about films, web series and about books; that´s why I am planning to expand further this category on book reviews. If you are working with books, as a writer, editor, at a company, marketing or whatever, feel free to contact me so I can help and do a book review.

Well, my First Chicken Soup for the Soul (as a member of the bloggers network) has just arrived and I started reading it knowing what to expect from the previous books of the collection I have read: Emotional material to read and enjoy with the heart open and the soul in motion.

What is Chicken Soup dor the Soul: Grieving and Recovery About?

The book is marketed this way: 101 Inspirational and Comforting Stories about Surviving the Loss of a Loved One

Grieving is a process everyone goes through in their own way. It often feels overwhelming and as if the sorrow will never end. While the hurt and sadness never completely fade, it eases with time. This collection of emotional and inspirational stories will provide comfort and peace to those mourning the loss of someone close. Others who have lost a loved one share their stories of what helped, offering guidance and support. With its stories of regaining strength, appreciating life, coping, and faith, this book will help ease the journey to healing.

But when you start reading it you understand why it is… the stories are simple, they could be from anyone… and precisely that makes this book even better: Anyone can relate to its message.

Even better, the book is comfortable to read, the letter is big enough as to read it on the bus, the subway or sitting in the park.

Highly recommended book especially if you are going through grief, or one of your loved ones is.

How to purchase Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery?

You can probably find it at any book store, but you can also buy it online at Amazon where you can even take a little sneak peek of the book.

What do you think? Will you read Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grieving and Recovery?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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