jane-fonda-private-life-public-woman-biography-patricia-bosworthI got this book on my mailbox a couple of weeks ago, and I took my time with it before reviewing it, because I wanted to read it thouroughly, and it is a long book. 608 pages all about Jane Fonda and it weighes 2 pounds. So probably delving into the book is not as fast as you could read a 200 pages book… well, until you start it.

Patricia Bosworth goes behind the scenes on the life of a very public woman, a woman one could think knows everything about, since she´s been for over 6 decades a famous person, and for over five decades THE Famous woman.

For all the Pamela Andersons and Megan Foxes that may come to our screens as the hot charater, there will be only one Barbarella ever, and that´s Jane Fonda.
For all the stars turned exercise experts, Jane Fonda will always be the biggest, and for all the stars that are crusaders to make this a better world, Jane will always be the start.

So, what´s left to know about Jane that Patricia Bosworth can tell us.
We already know she´s Henry Fonda´s daughter, Peter Fonda´s sister, Bridget Fonda´s aunt.
We already knew about her marriages, her divorces, her protests, and a lot more. Jane Fonda herself published an autobiography prior to this book.

But, Patricia Bosworth knows what she´s doing, and from the introduction on we start getting the bigger subjects as her talks with Jane about her relationship with her father, and the subtle little details, as Jane Finda voting The Pianist for best picture in the Oscars over Frida.
And that´s just the start.
If you are Jane Fonda´s fan, it is a must have book; if you are a biographies avid reader, it is a must have book.

How to buy Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman

You can buy the book on Amazon at 17,49 for the hardcover edition, and 11,99 for the Kindle edition.

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