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Top ten reasons to watch HBO´s Eastbound & Down [...] at HBO did a great job in promoting the show, and when you watch the trailers for Eastbound & Down, you´ll know what I [...]
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Pulpo It may well be Emmett, but, he´s more of an in doors nemesis. If they are planning to move the action out of the Buy More, it may well be Emmett. If they stick it there, I don´t see that happening.
Juliaddichuck Hi! I'm french, I'm TO-TA-LY crazy about chuck!! I've made some research about "wilson phillips", and it could be the style of music Emmett Milbarge listen to.. so, in my opinion, it may be him who dies.. see you on january the 10th...
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Series & TV » Blog Archive » House MD Season Six Photo Spoilers | The House TV Series [...] the original here: Series & Television » Blog Archive » Home MD Season Six Pic Spoilers: Revolutionary Satellite PC-TV [...]
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