lost1Ok, we are closing in on Lost Premiere Date, and as you all know, next one is the final season of Lost, so, it´s everyone´s game.

But according to producers´ reports and interviews, there will be a death on Lost Season Six Premiere. So, who will die on Lost Season Six Premiere?

Let´s see.

Is Jack dying on Lost Premiere?

Hummm. Shouldn´t be him. It´s too early on the season to kill Jack off…

Is Locke dying on Lost Premiere?

What show have you been watching? Locke is dead and that one running around is someone else!

Is Sawyer dying on Lost Premiere?

Well, he just lost Juliet right? My bet is he´s not dying. But he may try to hurt himself.

Is Hurley dying on Lost Premiere?

We love him too much, and there´s still those numbers mystery to solve. But he´s the other one who could try to hurt himself.

Is Jin dying on Lost Premiere?

He just survived being dead. He may stay for a while longer.

Is Ben Linus dying on Lost Premiere?

Please don´t. He´s our beloved villain. We need more Ben.

Is Sayid dying on Lost Premiere?

Oh well… he´s the most probable one to go… He´s already been shot. He does not have anything else to live for. Sayid is dying on Lost Season Six Premiere is my bet.

Is Kate dying on Lost Premiere?

No. Too soon. Even if Evangine Lilly is pregnant; they´ll write around the pregnancy.

Is Sun dying on Lost Premiere?

She still needs to reunite and restart things with Jin, so no.

Is Desmond dying on Lost Premiere?

I´m betting we have some extra tears waiting for this character along the road.

Is Richard Alpert dying on Lost Premiere?

Well… I said it before… Sayid is dying on Lost, but if I can have a wildcard bet… just as a backup, it would be Richard Alpert dying on Lost. His character may have fullfilled its destiny.

What do you think? Who will die on Lost Season Six Premiere?