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Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me
maria justa polotan Save Lie To Me!
Cancelled and Renewed Shows 2011: Fringe renewed for season four [...] it´s time to start hoping for other bubble shows. Hey Fox, now please renew Lie To Me and renew Human Target while you are at it. Thanks in [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me, Spoilers
Andy it would not be cool at all that would be a very bad move to have his charcter cal wouldnt have a body guard anymore
me Don't need him. Character added nothing interesting to the cast. Expand more on Locker & Torres instead of bringing new cast. Guest stars, of course, are needed. Not new cast members. They do need a new show opening, that song is lame. Make it a theme music, not a hokey song.
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me, Spoilers
Lie to Me Spoiler: Is Ben Reynolds dead or alive for season premiere? [...] already posted about Lightman Group cutting FBI contract , hence meaning Mekhi Phifer is leaving Lie to [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me
Barb Svien Lie to Me is one of the smartest shows on tv!! we are people that hate reality tv , we want to be entertained by ACTORS. Please keep SMART tv shows on FOX.Needless to say we also love House!
kristie I am so HAPPY lie to me is renewed. It is my favorite show. I NEVER MISS IT. thanks FOX
Guillermo Paz onto Actresses, Lie To Me
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me
The complete list of renewed series for 2009-2010 season [...] Lie to Me gets ordered for a full second season by Fox (Confirmed) [...]
gina rose Where is Lie to Me??? I want to watch it but can't find it! What night and what day and time?? THanks,
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me
carrie underwood YES im super glad this isnt being canceled this is like my second favorite show right after the office of course! this show is very cool and i love how they can tell so much by just the look on someones face or by the twitch of there eye!
Pulpo It comes back in the spring
Guillermo Paz onto Episodes, Lie To Me, Quotes
Pulpo Thanks, I´ll try to do something like that
Vekit Its could be getting better if you do some research about micro-expression study ,that related in the show, Cause you could 'learn' it,there're sources bout micro-expression available on net everywhere , and it does help you understand and know ppl better from emotion they show