felicia day and brendan hines singing on lie to meOk, I may just die of happiness. Remember I always say we need more Felicia Day on TV? Well, execs at Lie To Me are now my favourite people on earth, since they are getting her to star on an episode, the drama fall finale.

As Ausiello puts it:

In the episode — the drama’s fall finale — Day guests as a teacher who brings her class to the Lightman Group on a field trip, only to get stranded there when a disgruntled farmer threatens to blow up DC. In an effort to entertain/distract the little kiddies, Day’s character performs a duet with Loker (Brendan Hines).

So, we are not only going to get Felicia Day to star on TV. She´s doing it on Lie To Me (one of the best dramas nowadays), and she´s also singing.

The only thing thta could top that is having Tim Roth dancing a choreography while Loker and Day´s character sing.

Are you happy that Felicia Day will be on Lie To Me singing and acting?

if you don´t trust me… you can sneak a peek on Ausiello´s Files