Lie to Me Spoiler: Is Ben Reynolds dead or alive for season premiere?This one I´m still on the fence about…

This spoiler of Lie to Me is somehow something I´m not liking very much. Ben Reynolds is dying on Lie To Me!

I already posted about Lightman Group cutting FBI contract , hence meaning Mekhi Phifer is leaving Lie to Me.

Wether it´s a bad move, or a good move we´ll know it next season of Lie To Me. Spoiler is solid.

What I would like to see happening is that Detective Ben Reynolds lives, giving it room for a comeback later on if they need to reinstate the FBI Contract with Lightman Group.

But, having Det Ben Reynolds dead, and as a consecuence of a FBI rogue investigation, makes it much more likely to make Cal Lightman call it quits with them. We´ll have to wait a bit to confirm if Ben Reynolds is dead or alive on Lie To Me, but it´s not looking good.

What do you think about this Lie to Me Spoiler? Is Ben Reynolds dead and out of Lightman Group a good move? Is Mekhi Phifer´s character dying on Lie to Me a loss too big? Is Ben Reynolds dying on Lie To Me an interesting creative move?

Let me know what you think on the comments.

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