We already did it with Season Pilot of Lie to Me and its best quotes.

Now it´s time for the best quotes from Lie to Me Season 1 Episode 3, A Perfect Score

  • Emily needs to have her secrets… that doesn´t mean she´s lying.
    Gillian to Cal
  • If she´s lying she´s one of the best I´ve ever seen.
    She´s one of the best you´ve ever heard.
    Cal Lightman
  • You look terrible, awful, like Gene Simmons went really really humid.
  • She´s definitely hiding something… her age. She´susing Botox.
    Cal Lightman
  • The more popular a kid, the better they lie.
    Cal Lightman
  • We are the federal government. We record everything.
  • You cannot get the right answers if you don´t have the right questions.
    Cal Lightman
  • Sex, drugs or money. The holy trilogy.

So, what was your favourite Lie To Me Season 1, Episode 3 A Perfect Score Quote?