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Guillermo Paz onto Characters, Modern Family, Quotes
Casonia sade logenberry of Seattle washington When your Divorcing some one that means that you are just going back to being friends and that also means no more Sex...When people fall out of love that means they don't want to share there Bodies with that person..Because some trust is broken and when two people nolonger see eye to eye that means there is a problem and sooner or later the marriage breaks down...Because two people are not willing to listen and solve the problems as the relationship goes on and so that is the reason for Divorce.
Phil Dunphy Best Quote of the Week – Selling Organs [...] We already did a post on the Best Quotes from Phil Dunphy in Modern Family´s season one. And last weeks Halloween quote from Phil Dunphy. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me
carrie underwood YES im super glad this isnt being canceled this is like my second favorite show right after the office of course! this show is very cool and i love how they can tell so much by just the look on someones face or by the twitch of there eye!
Pulpo It comes back in the spring
Guillermo Paz onto Episodes, Lie To Me, Quotes
Pulpo Thanks, I´ll try to do something like that
Vekit Its could be getting better if you do some research about micro-expression study ,that related in the show, Cause you could 'learn' it,there're sources bout micro-expression available on net everywhere , and it does help you understand and know ppl better from emotion they show
Guillermo Paz onto Lie To Me
Best Quotes from Lie to Me Season 1 Episode 3 - Perfect Score | Series & TV [...] We already did it with Season Pilot of Lie to Me and its best quotes. [...]