Lie to Me is the newest Fox big bet. I watched episode 1 of this series about a lying detection specialist such as Cal Lightman (played by none other than Tim Roth) and his crew of specialists.

The show has many House style quotes, and Cal Lightman is quite alike Gregory House.

So, as House has the Houseisms for the best House lines, Cal Lightman has the Lightman-isms for the best Lie To Me quotes.

These are the best quotes from Lie to Me Pilot:

  • Every person tells 3 lies every ten minutes.
    Cal Lightman (In the same line as House´s Everybody Lies).
  • Emotion looks the same wether you are a suburban housewife or a suicide bomber. The truth is written on our faces.
    Cal Lightman
  • The question is never as simple as if someone´s lying. The question´s why.
    Gillian Foster
  • Have you ever had any training in deception methods? – Well… I dated a lot of men.
    Ria Torres
  • Your office looks like the one of a serial killer.
    Eli Loker
  • Liars rehearse their stories in order. They don´t rehearse them backwards.
    Gillian Foster
  • The only way three people keep a secret if it´s two of them are dead.
    Cal Lightman
  • Body language tells the truth even from the grave.
    Cal Lightman
  • You believe whatever you want… it´s what everyone else does.
    Cal Lightman

So… what was your favourite Lie to Me Quote in the Pilot?