early-morning-rebelContinuing #MusicMonday with more guests: Now the great band Early Morning Rebel, who will tell us the top 10 songs fromKatie´s Spotify Playlist.

Looking through Katie’s Pinterest Music Board is like going to down memory lane with a side trip to
hipster-ville, visiting with all of our favorite artists and our favorite songs. So, we thought it would be fun to list our top 10 songs by artists straight off of Katie’s music board.

early-morning-rebel If one of Katie’s favorite artists, Sheryl Crow, had been on the board she’d be on the top 10 list too, because when band member Nathan Blumenfeld-James was really young, he went to the original Jon Stewart show in NYC to go see a live taping.
Sheryl Crow was the musical guest and she was just starting to break. She was promoting her single “Leaving Las Vegas.” To this day, that’s Nathan’s favorite Sheryl Crow song.
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Ok, so it was hard to settle on the final top 10, but here it is…

early-morning-rebel 10. Adele

“Take It All” is one of our favorites off the new record. We love the sadness in this song… There is desperation and at the same time she is so strong. Amazing song…
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early-morning-rebel 9. Middle Brother

“Million Dollar Bill” is one of our favorites. Taylor Goldsmith has a way with lyrics that is very poetic, but really understandable and powerful. This is a good example of that.
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early-morning-rebel 8. Cults

We like “Abducted.” Love the imagery of the video. The Lo-Fi quality creates some weird nostalgia…

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early-morning-rebel 7. Fleet Foxes

We love “Tiger Mountain Peasant song.” The Lyrics are profound and we think it’s a beautifully crafted song.



early-morning-rebel 6. M83

“Midnight City” is an amazing song by M83. It’s infectious and powerful. It also has a “city vibe” and dance quality that feels like it screams Fashion and Runway… This would be a perfect song for a runway show.
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early-morning-rebel 5. Alison Krauss

“Down To The River to Pray” is a great old hymn. Love her version of this old time song.

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early-morning-rebel 4. James Taylor

“Carolina In My Mind” is one of our favorites from Taylor. It always makes us reminisce of being on the road in the US. Driving through the heartland and admiring the beauty of this country.
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early-morning-rebel 3. Bon Iver

“Holocene” is one of my favorites off Bon Iver’s new record. It’s a song that makes you reflect and be introspective. It makes me aware of what’s around me and appreciate the beauty in the world day to day. Very emotional tune…
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early-morning-rebel 2. Etta James

Favorite song is “I’d Rather Go Blind”. This is a heartbreaking love song….This song has a swagger and coolness that is unmatched.



early-morning-rebel 1. The Beatles

“Something” is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written! All this music provokes all kinds of feelings, the same way fashion and expressing yourself through clothing and style does…
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Enjoy Early Morning Rebel on YouTube, with their hit song “Burn Us Down”:

Also Featured on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, “Life Boat
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Thanks to the guys from Early Morning Rebel to be a part of this blog! And follow me on Twitter for more Early Morning Rebel coverage.