midnight-mirageIt´s #MusicMonday So I have some guests here:

The great band Midnight Mirage who will tell us the top 10 songs from Katie´s Spotify Playlist.

As big fans of Katie Couric we thought we’d put together a top 10 listing of our favorite songs that
Katie also loves and why. Katie’s taste in music is so right on that this project was a breeze.

10. Someone Like You
“Someone Like You” by Adele- Do we really need to
explain? She’s amazing! If you want to feel some emotion from a song, Adele is your ticket. We’ve only cried a few times from hearing this song….we swear…
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Midnight Mirage covers their # 10 pick, Adele’s “Someone Like You”:

midnight-mirage 9. Moves Like Jagger
“Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5- We all love Maroon 5. We
actually consider them one of our top influences. Almost every song they’ve written, we wish we’d written.
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Christina Aguilera.

Check out our cover of their song “Payphone”

midnight-mirage 8. Some Nights
“Some Nights” by Fun.- This song just makes you want to run around naked! It’s such a big sounding song, just like “Tonight” was. This song makes you want to learn how to play drums…even the lead singer…uh-oh.
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midnight-mirage 7. Build Me Up Butercup
“Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations- This song makes you nostalgic, bringing you back to your childhood. At every wedding, anniversary party, or family celebration we’d sing along dancing to this with our cousins, grandparents, parents, and so on. If you hear this song and don’t smile, you might not have a soul….just sayin’.


6. Tik Tok
“Tik Tok” by Ke$ha- We’ll probably get smacked for choosing this one, but you can’t have a playlist without a little dance music. We remember just a couple years ago when EVERYONE was singing this song and whether you wanted to or not, you knew the lyrics, ha ha.
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midnight-mirage 5. Every Morning
“Every Morning” by Sugar Ray- This song takes us back to our junior high days. Love the lyrics and the guitar hook. When we hear this song, we envision a huge crowd singing along ’cause it’s so universal and relatable.
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4. Beautiful Day
“Beautiful Day” by U2- It has been said before and we’ll say it again because it’s true, U2 is one of the most iconic bands in the history of music. They have played an important role in influencing every pop/rock band as well as yours truly, Midnight Mirage.
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midnight-mirage 3. Hey Jude
“Hey Jude” by Paul McCartney- Anytime we’re down we can always count on this song to lift us up. You can’t help but feel good listening to this song. It’s also kind of thought provoking. We love the “better, better BETTER BETTERRRR” into the scream – so, EPIC.
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2. Viva La Vida
“Viva La Vida” by Coldplay- This song is so inspiring. You know a song is hooky when you’re singing along to the string parts, as if your voice is an orchestral instrument. Coldplay makes some amazing stuff!
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1. Eye of the Tiger
“Eye of the Tiger” by Survior– This is the ultimate “Get pumped” song. Listening to this song makes you feel unstoppable. Every time we listen to this song we punch the air a little and want to run up a huge flight of stairs. There’s no way you can listen to this song and not feel like you can take on the world. In fact, Midnight Mirage is going to listen to this song before we take the stage every night!
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midnight-mirage SPECIAL MENTION
We know Sheryl Crow is one of Katie’s favorite artists and she’s one of ours too. Our favorite Crow song is “The First Cut Is The Deepest,” because it’s so instantly relatable and thought provoking. It shares so much truth about healing and the “marks” that love can leave, which reminds us of our song “Scars”. Plus, the lyrics are just incredible!
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