lennie james joining lie to meJust read this on the Ausiello Files (BTW: The best blog about TV Shows)

Jericho’s Lennie James has snagged one of this fall’s most sought-after roles: Tim Roth’s Lie to Me nemesis, Ray Marsh.
The character, who will be introduced in this season’s fifth episode, is described as a charming Brit who ran scams with Lightman way back when and who is now on the FBI and Scotland Yard watch lists. Ray once took the fall for Lightman and spent time in prison as a result. Now, after a 20-year estrangement, Ray is back to collect what he believes he is owed.

This hit me sooooo good… I just can´t wait for Cal Lightman to come back. And on this new season of Lie to Me, we also will be especting the writers act on Cal Lightman and Gillian Foster budding romance. Aren´t we all?

But, getting back to the matter in subject. Why am I so thrilled about Lennie James joining Lie To Me to play Ray Marsh?

Well, let´s see, who is Lennie James?

Lennie James is an English actor and playwright.

James attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, graduating in 1988. He has appeared in over twenty films, including the Guy Ritchie crime caper Snatch (2000), 24 Hour Party People (2002), and Sahara (2005) and wrote the play The Sons of Charlie Paora which was performed at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

He recently played Luke Gardner in the BBC terrorism drama The State Within, Bishop David Newman on the BBC spy drama Spooks and Robert Hawkins in the CBS post-apocalyptic television drama series Jericho. He played the role of Cedric Munroe in the 2007 film Outlaw.

His most recent part was in a 2008 television drama, Fallout, which aired on Channel 4, playing the role of a detective alongside another detective solving a teen related murder. AMC Television and ITV have announced that he will appear in a 2009 TV miniseries remake of The Prisoner, as a character code-named No. 147.