lie-to-me-cancelled-renewed-by-foxWe are reviewing all the cancelled shows and renewed shows of the season.

And this is very good news at least for me, since I am a big fan of Lie To Me.

Lie to Me has been renewed by Fox for season three!

The show was a big question mark, since Shawn Ryan, the show frontrunner departed Lie to Me, and started his new project called Ride Along. Anyways Fox renewed Lie To Me. Does this mean Human Target gets cancelled? Hum, probably, not yet confirmed. UPDATE: Human Target got also renewed by Fox. Way to go Fox!

This Lie to Me renewal comes along the pickup of Ride Along, Midland, Traffic Light and Keep Hope Alive.

Busy day for Fox executives. What do you think? Are you happy Fox renewed Lie To Me for season three? I know I am.