shameless-premieres-january-9-joan-cusackWho could keep saying that TV is a little brother to movies? Nobody, at least not for a long time. And now even more stars are getting the TV love. Since Academy Award-nominated actress Joan Cusack stars in Showtime´s Shameless. Showtime’s new one-hour drama series Shameless in which Cusack, who will appear in all 12 episodes of the new series, will play the role of Sheila, an agoraphobic Chicago housewife with a sexually active teenage daughter who strikes up a special friendship with William H. Macy’s character, Frank Gallagher.

Showtime ordered a 12 episode first season of the show to test it in January, come Season Finale time for Dexter for instance.

Alisson Janney was the first actress who would play Sheila, but now the role is given to Joan Cusack who will probably give the character a lot of personality and some probably needed dark humor and comic relief.

The show is an adaptation of a British dramedy of the same name that revolves around the antics of a large single-parent family headed by an alcoholic (Macy).

Will this adaptation be Office like (I mean succesful and good) or IT Crowd like (I mean unsuccesful and bad)?

Remember that Shameless premieres on Showtime, Sunday, January 9th.

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