martha-stewart-jeff-goldblum-show-quotesDid you watch today´s Martha Stewart Show?

The always interesting and quick witted actor, Jeff Goldblum was in awe of Martha on today’s edition of THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW (Hallmark Channel, 10 AM ET/9 AM C – same day encore airing, 2 PM ET/next day airing, 1 PM ET). While chatting about his new movie, Morning Glory and baking Phyllo Squares with Egg, Spinach and Cheese, Jeff couldn’t help but tell Martha “You’re one of a kind.” Although he was thrilled to be collaborating on the intricate recipe, which can be found in the Special Digital Edition of Martha Stewart Living Magazine launching TODAY November 11th on the iPad, Jeff took no part in Martha’s messy battle with the egg yolk spill-over! He was all for teaming-up on a possible billion-dollar idea created right there in the studio, but told Martha and the audience “I had nothing to do with that yolk…But if anyone comes up with the idea about the teleprompter, we’re both in on THAT!”

Martha Stewart and Jeff Goldblum´s Best Quotes of the Day

JG:  “It has an app of a teleprompter. You can put something in there and have a little remote control in your pocket and go ‘scroll faster, scroll slower, stop.’ So if I went some place that didn’t have these [pointing to the teleprompter] I could say ‘Hey hold these here up off camera.’
MS: Someday there’s going to be eyeglasses like that too and your big eyeglasses- you can wear them on stage so you never forget a line. You know? It’s all written there.
JG: [laughing] is that your idea? What a good idea.
MS: I just invented that, just now!
JG: You did?! That’s a billion dollar idea. You shouldn’t have said it over the air. I hope nobody does that before we make it!
MS: Well, do you cook?
JG: [in a funny voice] oh, yes. Here and there. You know- cold cereal!
MS: Do you want to learn how to make Phyllo?
JG: With you! I’d love to learn how to make anything!

MS: You know how to make streusel dough, right?
JG: Do I know how to make streusel dough? I don’t think so. But something like this…
Martha: [pointing to the spinach] now put that in there.
JG: But butter in EACH leaf- it’s great. Would you do a thing like this at home? Would I catch you at home?
MS: It’s a home recipe. It shows you right there in that iPad.
JG: But would you, of a Thursday…?
MS: Go home and make this? Yes!
JG: Really?
MS: Mmm hmmm.
JG: [nodding his head] You’re… great. You’re a great person [pause]. You’re a great person. You really are… this is such an honor. We’re collaborating, we’re making this together. What was that commercial where the kid said “And I helped!”?
MS: And that’s you!
JG: “Fried chicken, and I helped!”
MS: Uh, oh- this one is running. We broke the yolk, oh dear!
JG: When you say “we”, I had nothing to do with that yolk.
MS: I know [cracking up with the audience].
JG: Come on.
MS: I know! I’m sorry! I’m sorry.
JG: Thank you. OK!
MS: I’m sorry.
JG: But if anyone comes up with the idea about the teleprompter, we’re both in on THAT!
MS: Ok, yes. You can share the royalties with me because it was your eyeglasses that inspired me!

You’re one of a kind.