kara dioguardi exits idolAmerican Idol is spinning fast these days, and following Simon Cowell exit on Idol, and Ellen Degeneres leaving Idol, and the yet to be confirmed inclusion of Jennifer Lopez on American Idol panel,now it´s been confirmed that Kara Dio Guardi exits Idol too.

Yes, she was not the reasons people watched the show… yes, she´s no Simon Cowell, but what will it mean for the American Idol franchise to lose three out of four judges in the same year?

Only Randy Jackson is set to come back to Idol next season.

But… will people watch American Idol without Simon Cowell? Will people watch it without Ellen? Without Dio Guardi?

My bet is what´s going to hurt Idol is the loss on Cowell, and not so much the other two… but let´s all wait and see. Maybe Nigel Lythgoe, who comes back to Idol in his producer role can work his magic and make American Idol keep up the hit status.

At least, Ryan Seacrest stayed put on Idol.

What do you think about Kara DioGuardi leaving American Idol? Will it hurt American Idol that Kara DioGuardi exits? Head to the comments and let me know your mind about this.

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