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Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Emily I agree, that it was an emotional moment, since you could feel that both Rodman and Jesse have hurt a lot, and I have watched the last episodes, getting all the more sad for Dennis Rodman, seeing what deep hole he's dug out for himself and, no matter how big and tall he is, it will be quite a challenge to crawl back up from that hole. He's very self-destructive, and needs to address that issue, first and foremost, before even thinking about dealing with the effect, which is his drinking. Casue and effect, you know... Also, I truly felt for Jesse, as he was really hurting for Rodman's sake, and you could tell, it was out of concern, he did what he did(a rare thing on TV nowadays, to see something authentic). Still, I wish they could have done all this, off camera. Still, I think that this might push Rodman into even heavier drinking and self-abuse, since he'll probably feel misunderstood and as though he was treated unfairly. I most certainly hope I'm wrong... He needs REAL intervention, because I don't think he sees himself clearly, at all, and he needs people that truly LOVE him, to take care of him, during what will be a struggle, to say the least. I'm not sure whether or not he has the right kind of people around him(it appears he doesn't), but maybe seeing himself on the show, might trigger somethin within him, and make himrealize that he alone needs to take charge of this problem, and to start loving himself a bit more, and a lot better. I don't wish to see him crash, as so many others...
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
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