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Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, Glee
OfficialEvanB "WHAT IS GLEE SEASON 3 CASTING CALL AUDITION LOOKING FOR? They are looking for talented performers of 18+ years of age who can play the role of a teenager in convincing fashion (that means not me) with strong vocal, acting, and dancing abilities to compete in a reality show called The Glee Project for a multiple episode guest-starring role in Season 3 of Glee." This is what was posted at the top. So really it is what I was referring to. Even if it was an audition for 'Glee' and not 'The Glee Project', it's a hoax. There's no such thing and never was such thing as an 'open audition' for Glee. They only invite to audition, or an agent sets you up for an audition. So just to clarify, you're information was wrong about locations and time. I don't know where you got your information, but there were no such auditions at this time and place. You should check your resources before posting such articles.
Guillermo Paz First of all, the article is now old, so auditions are indeed closed. Secondly, auditioning to The Glee Project is different than auditioning for Glee. After all, as you should already know there are many more roles added than just those of the winners of the Oxygen reality competition. So, it´s not a hoax, it´s just past information. You´ll need to check for updates.