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Guillermo Paz onto Burn Notice, Quotes
Colleen I am glad that Maddie left a little leeway in this attempt at a reconciliation. No closure, just sucking up the hurt and getting on with the job. I, for one, think we have been cheated out of some good old-fashioned drama with such a quick resolution! For a show that is so afraid of a soap opera tag that the ongoing romance of Michael and Fiona can't be identified, they got to the kiss-and-make-up stage of this season-long battle just a little too early to suit me. Maddie and Fi need to focus on Michael; he was made the villain too much in this whole thing, when all of them were party to the coverup. And for Jesse suddenly not to have issues with Fiona - really? Since when? That's not what he was thinking at the end of Blind Spot when he held a gun to her head! I'm ready for him to get his government job back and let the trio get back to being a trio. The only one I'm enamored of right now is Sam - he's the ONLY one who doesn't have his head up his *** (to quote Sam!) It's not an accident that he wasn't at that so-special meeting at the end! BTW - did like the episode a lot, really! Just kind of got on a tear as the thoughts came to me! As an action show - great fun! And really looking forward to Johnny from Hot Spot returning in 2 weeks, Tony Soto and of course, NATE!!