chuck-versus-push-mix-spoilers-quotes-morgan-lasersOk, you all saw last episode of Chuck, right? If not, leave this post immediately for it´s full of Chuck Spoilers. In the episode called Chuck versus the Push Mix, Chuck and Morgan embark on a mission to take down Alexei Volkoff, while Sarah tries to rescue Chuck’s mom. Casey tries to get to know his daughter better, and Ellie eases Devon into fatherhood.

Best Quotes from Chuck S04E13 – Chuck Vs the Push Mix

Chuck: Casey, where did you get this? where did you get this eye?

Chuck: What am I supposed to do?

Chuck: I can´t do this anymore

Volkoff: Oh my God. He´s still alive

Volkoff: Somehow a dead man broke into my computer system last night

Dr Ei-Macher: Contessa is not a person… it´s a…

Volkoff: I like to think it as my fortress of fun

Chuck: When we get back we´ll have to sit down and have a talk about the benefits of tranq guns

Morgan: I can do this, I´m a Yogi

Ellie: Devon, my water just broke

Ellie: Let´s go have a baby

Volkoff: No one touches my Frost

Mary: My husband alive or dead is ten times the man you are

Chuck: Hello Alexei. I believe you are looking for me

Volkoff: I have access to everyone

Tecnically it´s ok to say Steven J Bartowski took you down

Recap from Chuck S04E13 – Chuck Vs the Push Mix

Recap by MurphAndTheMagicTones

Casey (Adam Baldwin) remained unconscious in the hospital with Chuck (Zachary Levi), Morgan (Joshua Gomez), and Alex (Mekenna Melvin) keeping a beside vigil. He was expected to regain consciousness in a day. However, he did manage to breathe one word: pants. No, Morgan. Casey doesn’t plan to never wear pants again. There was something in there: part of the eye from Volkoff’s Hydra program, which Chuck flashed on to confirm both the designer of the Hydra, Dr. Eimacher (Ei-Macher, Eye-Maker), and that Sarah planned the fight with Casey the entire time.

In Volkoff’s residence, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) uses a really cool spider-like device (reminded me of the bug from The Matrix, and really creeped me out) to gain access to Volkoff’s computer. While Mary (Linda Hamilton) took a videocall from Alexei (and probably the only time a kiss from James Bond might disgust a woman), Sarah discovered the Hydra data was given to someone called “The Contessa.” General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) tells Chuck about Sarah’s progress, but Chuck insists he go after Dr. Eimacher to see if he designed something similar for The Contessa. Beckman denies him his request, but that won’t stop Chuck.

CHUCK: I watched my mom leave us and my dad follow her. I let Sarah go, and now Casey…and the whole time I did nothing…nothing…while one man took everything away from me. Ellie was right: Bartowskis take care of their family, and right now it’s time I put mine back together again. This was my father’s mission, and I have to finish it. We’re going to take down Volkoff.

MORGAN: We? You were sort of talking in the first person there.

But Morgan was in, of course. And they need…office supplies? Nope, Chuck had to plan. They set up a bulletin board of what they knew (BECAUSE THEY WERE LOADED, OK?!?—FlashForward reference), and Morgan felt confident, because he had been doing yoga lately. But before they head off, Chuck has to make a CD of songs for the birth for Devon (Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie’s (Sarah Lancaster) daughter…a ‘push mix’, as it were, which offended Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay) to no end. They thought the child’s first sounds should have been raw, unfiltered, live music. (You know where this is going, don’t you.) And the secretly steal the disc.

Back in Moscow, nothing is working for Volkoff ([nm0001096/]), and that’s because someone got into his computer systems: ORION! And he wants his wife back! Volkoff calls in Arman, one of his heavy hitters, Armand, to deal with the return of Stephen J. Bartowski. Meanwhile, Volkoff went to visit The Contessa. As do Morgan and Chuck, since they found out from Eimacher…once they kidnapped the correct one…The Contessa was actually a ship. Volkoff bought it on CraigsList. With anti-aircraft missiles, stealth sonar, and an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. It’s a veritable floating fortress of fun! Sarah and Mary have to get the Hydra, and nothing can get in their way. Except Chuck and Morgan. Morgan, who needs to learn you have to take the flippers off and wear something under your diving suit. Just don’t squeak.

Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, and Mary reunite on the ship and find the server room. Chuck tries to hack the door, but Morgan found a keycard on one of the men Chuck tranqued. And he has to have a talk with his mother, who planned to shoot them. Morgan does get inside, only to encounter a laser field powerful enough to slice body parts off. But since Chuck can’t disable the field, Morgan’s yoga classes suddenly come in handy. A few warrior poses and downward facing dogs later, he makes it to the other side of the server room to turn off the lasers…although his wetsuit doesn’t. And discovering Sarah’s trenchcoat almost fits him is not scary at all, is it? Mary goes to download the information while Chuck inserts a flash drive into one of the servers. It works, except it needed Volkoff’s voice identification. And Volkoff knew that, as he trapped everybody inside. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy to see her in there.

VOLKOFF: ‘Death is the solution to all problems.’ (the password to the Hydra) That’s a quote from my favorite poet and humanitarian…Joseph Stalin.

Volkoff orders everybody shot, but Mary grabs Volkoff’s gun and holds him hostage, telling everybody to run. She shoots the lock to trap Volkoff and his men inside…and her, too. But letting Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan escape is only the beginning for Volkoff. A computer message, ‘meet me at Twin Pines Cabin’ from Orion, was one of hundreds of messages in the computer. Volkoff is enraged Mary was talking to Orion behind his back all that time. Volkoff told Mary he was going to visit her husband, and return with his body.

Alex keeps an eye on Casey, even bringing him a bonsai tree. And she wants him to recover because she wants her dad around. She doesn’t want to deal with the death of her dad twice. And Casey holds her hand.

Volkoff heads for Twin Pines Cabin (they didn’t go 88mph, but you better believe we’re gonna see some serious ****), and he walks into the darkened room to talk to Orion. Except he’s one generation off. It’s Chuck. And Alexei is on the floor. He comes to and is tied to a chair with Chuck pointing a gun at him. Volkoff commends him for using Daddy’s toys to lure him in. But Chuck won’t kill him, Volkoff thinks. What will happen to everybody he loves? He left orders for his men to shoot Mary back on the ship and Armand is ready to kill Casey, Ellie, and Devon at the hospital. He slips out of his ropes and knocks Chuck out. He takes his gun and is ready to shoot Chuck.

But to those of you who complained Chuck didn’t think his way through problems this season, this is the night you’re wrong.

Chuck set up a Trojan Horse into Volkoff’s system to steal all of his data, which needed his voice password. And Morgan spliced that together because the bad guy talked too much, just like in a Bond movie. (Ironic, right?)

Technically, I guess you could say that in the end, it was Stephen J. Bartowski that took you down.

Chuck set up a Trojan Horse into Volkoff’s system to steal all of his data, which needed his voice password. And Morgan spliced that together because the bad guy talked too much, just like in a Bond movie. (Ironic, right?)

He taught me many things. Like looks can be deceiving…

Armand smothers Casey with a pillow until his heart monitor stopped. Or at least until Casey unplugged it under the pillow, and Armand is taken out.

…fight for your family…

Volkoff’s men are about to shoot Mary…only Sarah never left the ship and did her standard ass-kicking maneuvers to free her.

…and of course, never use a gun unless you absolutely have to.

There were no bullets in that gun Volkoff took from Chuck.

After all, I am my father’s son, aren’t I?

But Volkoff is still confident Chuck can’t escape because Volkoff said he’d need an army to get past his men. Good thing Chuck has a general on speed dial, right? Volkoff is taken into custody, and Chuck makes a beeline for the hospital.

In the hospital, Devon is out in hall freaking out. Fortunately, Casey straightens him out by telling him not a day he has gone by where he didn’t regret giving up being with Alex, and there was no way Devon was going to miss a thing. Sadly, not missing a thing meant Jeffster! arriving at the hospital to play Ellie’s labor music. (“Could you point us in the direction of the Woodcomb womb?”) The song? Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It.” (Saw that one coming a mile away, huh.) Although a couple of the moms in the waiting room liked it, security hauls them away. Everybody makes it to the hospital, but since only one extra person can be in the room, the vote is for Grandma Mary to be the guest of honor. Chuck and Sarah sit out in the hallway, while Casey and Morgan have a good heart-to-heart talk. Relative to Casey, anyway. Baby Clara comes into the world, and Chuck looks over at Sarah. He gets down on one knee, and we can’t hear them over the floor polisher in the hall. But we see the ring, and we see Sarah kiss him. He proposed…and she said yes.

So, what do you think? Are you happy Casey is not dead on Chuck? Let me know your theory in the comments section.

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