Chuck-john-casey-dying-dead-sarah-kill-spoilerOk… Anyone who saw Chuck tonight must be torn apart.

Everyone´s life was changing. Sarah working for Volkoff, John Casey dying in a hospital, Awesome and Ellie finally agreeing to thei daughter´s name, and Morgan finally getting ready to tell Alex he loves her…

But let´s focus on the John Casey dying on Chuck part.

Is John Casey going to die on Chuck or not?

Well, there are reasons to say both things. Let´s review them

Reasons to think John Casey dies on Chuck

We already talked about this one when the show wasn´t as established as now, and when they were farther from syndication magical number. Budget reasons.

We asked if John Casey was leaving Chuck then, and the answer was no.

But now we need to add a lot of work that Adam Baldwin is doing besides his stint on Chuck: He is in Transformers Prime doing voice over, he does Superman voice on DC Universe Online Video Game, he is slated to premiere two movies The Assignment where he plays Mr Clements and Insight where he plays Dr Graham Barrett.

This means there´s a lot more reasons to believe John Casey dies on Chuck as a way to give Adam Baldwin the freedom for his other jobs.

Reasons to believe John Casey does not die on Chuck

First of all: He´s John Freaking Casey. So how can he die.

Second, he´s slated to participate in the next episode of Chuck called Chuck versus the Push Mix, in an episode where he will try to know Alex better.

Third of all, both movies are in post production, so he managed to work his schedule around hiatus.

Finally. There´s no way Josh Schwartz will put us through John Casey´s death at this point where he´s developing several story lines.

In conclusion, Chuck fans need not to worry. John Casey is not dying on Chuck.

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