Chuck Spoiler: Is John Casey leaving Chuck? Adam Baldwin leaving?Ok… Anyone who saw Chuck tonight must be torn apart.

Everyone was leaving. Sarah moving to DC, John Casey no longer an agent, Awesome and Ellie to Doctors without borders…

BUt what stroke us the most was to finally knowing a lot of personal stuff from Colonel John Casey.

1- John Casey´s real name is Alex Coburn.

2- He was in love and he saved her in this episode.

3- John Casey has a daughter.

4- John Casey is now a civilian.

So, what will happen now that the General released him from his job?

Is JohnCasey leaving Chuck? Not for the time being at least, since in the next episode, Chuck vs the Final Exam he will be in the episode not as a member of the team…

But, and I´ll be quoying Arnold Schwarzenegger… “he´ll be back”. So, good news everybody…

John Casey won´t leave Chuck.