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Linda We have been fans of the Tonight Show first with Johnny Carson and then Jay Leno, but after the "Award" by Adam Corolla, my husband turned the tv off. We have not watched the Tonight since and never will.
Ingrid I Cannot Believe What I Am Hearing, What I Have Heard From One Of The Guests On The 6th January 2011 On The Jay Leno Show. This gentleman sat In Front Of the World and Used His Voice to Call My Almighty God, His Almighty God, Our Almighty God an Abusive Name (A Jack…). Sir, May Almighty God Have Mercy on Your Soul and Mine, For You Have Used Your Voice To Plant Seeds Of hatred and dissension in The mind and hearts of Many Innocent People. But, Before I Continue Let Me Say (Out Loud) By The Name Of God, By The Blood Of Jesus Christ, By His Precious Body, By His Holy Spirit And By His Word, I And Many Rebuke That Statement. May Almighty God Send His Warriors To Protect His People, Especially Me And My Family. To Everything God Has Created, He Blessed It. What Gives You The Right Sir, To Try And Lay A Curse On What God Has Blessed. God Spoke and Created the Earth and Man and He laid A Blessing of Goodness to his creation. You Sir, Have Obviously Made Your Choice, If That Is The Case, Then, Keep It To Yourself And To Your Kind. In The Interim Learn To Respect The Faith Of Other Human Beings. If I Had A Million Dollars I Would Dare You To Speak Against The Muslim Faith In Similar Fashion, But You Did Your Homework, You Know That true Christians are over tolerant. Take care your own words do not turn against you. May Almighty God Have Mercy On Your Soul. I Would Leave You With This Advice. Now, yes, now I say, find A Quiet Spot and Cry out to God for Mercy and Beg His Forgiveness earnestly. Find a Bible Read or rather Pray Psalm 51, Read the Story of King David. Then Read John 3:16 and Then Re-Read it again. Take Note, God’s Word Is like a Two-Edged Sword – To Punish and to Reward.