dave-salmoni-expedition-impossible-video-preview-premiereThis show is getting me all psyched about it.
I already told you 5 reasons to watch Expedition Impossible, and I also presented what is Expedition Impossible about (It´s a reality TV competition to be held in the Sahara desert, hosted by Dave Salmoni, the guy who used to live with lions!), and I have also introduced all 13 teams of 3 people each that will compete, including:

…and I even showed you the Frogger-like arcade game to play of the show.

That includes:

And now, I have the first fourteen minutes of the show for you to enjoy, to help you get ready towards the premiere on June 23 rd, 9PM on ABC.

Watch Extended Preview video of Expedition Impossible premiere

What did you think about this extended preview video of Expedition Impossible? Will you watch the premiere next Thursday, June 23 at 9pm on ABC?

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