country-boys-expedition-impossible Expedition Impossible,” announced the show’s 13 teams, and here at Series & TV we are introducing you to each and one of them.

Now it´s time to introduce you to the third team: The Country Boys.

Who are The Country Boys – Expedition Impossible Team?

Nicholas Coughlin (28)
Clinton, MS
Internet Marketing/ Entrepreneur

Jason Cronin (37)
Pensacola Beach, FL
Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Chad Robinson (27)
Bolton, MS
Real Estate Investor

Hailing from the country backwoods of Mississippi, Nick, Jason and Chad are true Southern cowboys who know a thing or two about surviving. Jason has survived cancer, Crohn’s disease and the West Nile Virus, and was told he would only have six months to live… three years later he’s still going strong. All standing over 6’3″, these athletic country boys are ready to use size to their advantage and dominate the competition.

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