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Guillermo Paz onto Documentary
casonia sade logenberry I think! I Would really freak out at killing my own meat and...To watch an animal die in front of me would really blow my mind and feel really sad but on the other hand...I really love meat and would do it if it meant no more meat for me..For the rest of my life and of course, I WOULD KILL SOMETHING IN ORDER TO GET SOME THING SOONER OR LATER AND YES I WOULD KILL BECAUSE THAT PART WOULD TAKE OVER FOR ME DOWN THE ROAD AND If I CRAVED THAT MEAT I WOULD KILL IT AND GRILL IT SOONER OR LATER BUT FIRST OF ALL IT WOULD GROSS ME OUT TO SOME DEGREE BUT I CAN'T LIVE THE LIFE OF A VEGAN OR VEGGIE PERSON FOR LIFE WITH DAIRY PRODUCTS IS NOT GOING TO DO IT.