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Guillermo Paz onto Action
Jenny I am so upset Leverage was canceled. It's one of the best shows on tv now days. I've watched it from the beginning and will always love it. I'm sad to see this amazing show go.
angie how sad to see this great show being cancelled!! i have enjoyed this show from day 1 and will miss it and all the characters so much. why do the good ones get cancelled????
Guillermo Paz onto Action
MD Love to the show Leverage. Very happy there will be a season 5! It is the modern day Robin Hood. I even named my new addition to our family (kitten) "Parker". As for Hawthorne, it is an evening soap opera and the trailers appear to have scenes of infidelity which I don't care for. I (tried to)watch Hawthorne once and fell asleep. Memphis Beat.. neutral. Thanks TNT!
Tom Very Glad to know Leverage was renewed for a 5th season. BUT why the summer? January would be better. Anyway, I'm looking forward to all 15 episodes. It's on my TV calendar.
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, Police Shows
Cheryl Reed Cheryl Reed\ 29 Aug 2017 My roommate and I extras in the Liberians earlier this summer every one was so nice and friendly . We decided we would like to do more and the extra income would be nice. We are seniors and I know that they use seniors in movies and TV shows . Leverage and Liberians are our to favorite shows we have others but those are our two favorites. We are seniors and we are reliable if it is in Portland or Gresham area know matter what time we have to be there. Please consider us as extras in Leverage and any other TV shows and movies, or other projects you have. Look forward two hearing from you.
ashley harris look i am apparently too young for what you need but my mind is absolutely set on being appart of something amazing as this and i would love it if it acctually happened.
Guillermo Paz onto Action
theodore tsantis is sunday september 5th the last show of leverage for good. is it being canceled?
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