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Guillermo Paz onto Actresses
Mistresses Casting News: Alyssa Milano casted as Savannah [...] has been in front of our televisions ever since being a kid in Who´s The Boss, and as I have her listed, is as gorgeous as ever. This year, besides being able to see her reprising her role as Christian Slater´s character Oz´s [...]
Cancelled and Renewed Shows 2012: Fox cancels I Hate My Teenage Daughter [...] Jaime Pressly starred in this show that failed to deliver her at the top of her possibilities. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto movies
Guillermo Paz onto movies
Guillermo Paz onto movies
Casonia sade Logenberry of Seattle washington and every one in there cold hard world..Have a great day and enjoy and take care of each other and say Hello and wish people well and smile just one time aday and thank goodness for people that are Good and st In life you never know if your going to be a star and you never know how long it is going to last but all you can do is just have fun and enjoy your life and take it one day at a time.. But movie stars are made by the people that like them and watch them and there is something about them at gives you joy and calms you down and makes you happy and of course the major good looks and if they are handsome and really pretty that really helps but Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder and if there are massive people in the world who think they are FANTASTIC...WELL THAT IS ALL IT TAKES TO BE A STAR.
Casonia sade Logenberry...Have a wonderful day and stay Healthy and well winter is on it way...so stay strong and peace be with each and every person on here! Judy Garland is incredible singer and saw every show and movie she has done...But behind that singing was massive pain and...she gave her soul and love and tenderness to her work...Wonderful and frozen in time...Love from the world to this great woman forever.