We are covering The Celebrity Apprentice this season, we already reviewed who are the celebrities, and which charities are the celebrities raising money for.

Well, last nigh a new season of The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump premiered, wit a roster filled of celebrities, and I have here a video recap for all of you interested in it.

Celebrity Apprentice Bonus Scene: Lil Jon Confidence

Lil Jon praises his fellow team members and insists they must have won.

The Celebrity Apprentice Bonus Video: Gary Genius

Gary Busey is one smart cookie who lives in his own orbit.

But always the most excepted moment of the episode is finding out who Donald Trump fires and why, and then listen to the exit interview of the recently fired player.
Well, in this case I have both.

The Celebrity Apprentice Video: David Cassidy gets fired

Despite Trump’s deep respect, David Cassidy becomes Season 4’s first boardroom casualty.

The Celebrity Apprentice: David Cassidy´s exit interview

David Cassidy talks about his charity and his conflicts with Richard Hatch on the show.

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