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Guillermo Paz onto Grey´s Anatomy, Spoilers
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Grey´s Anatomy Spoiler: Is Katherine Heigl / Izzie Stevens coming back? [...] are already speculating about Arizona and Callie possibly breaking up on Grey´s Anatomy over a trip to [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Police Shows
Andrew Von Drach ... this show was so awesome. had a great concept and good actors. the show should really be brought back.
Miranda Numb3rs was a very intelligent, well written show. And most of all, I loved the character story lines, the Eppes family and Prof. Fleinhart. The only thing I watch now are CSIs, just because I need something formulaic to take my mind off studying, something dumb and easily predictable. I hate the fact that stupid crap like Jersey Shore is still on air, and stuff like Kim Kardashian's whatever. Just really really disappointing. Networks are so very very dumb to cancel an intelligent show like this.