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Guillermo Paz onto Prison Break, Reader´s posts
Casonia sade logenberry of Seattle washington When you break out of jail and get away...More tax dollars and of course most jail birds are into drugs and steal to get the drugs and if the law would just give them the drugs for medication and they died on it...Would make the world less stress...Because people are being hurt and robbed and killed for drugs and if they where allowed to have all the drugs they want...Then they would simply die and there for crime would decrease on so many levels..I know this sounds heartless but if the world is in such Debt..Allow people to get what they want? So they can unburden the world from Debts...Crazy way of thinking but people would not have to steal for there drugs in the future.
Casonia sade logenberry of Seattle washington Massive people are being let of jail because the working people of america can nolonger pay those High Taxes to keep them there and when some one is on Death Roll they take forever to kill them and...That means it cost to keep them alive and when there are creeps out in the world abuseing and rapeing children...They will not put that person in Genaral public and protected that means that person is going to live off tax payers and serve there time and get out of jail and go out and hurt other children...But if the law changed and this problems where solved...It would save millions of dollars?